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Updated: Feb 26

Unless you've spent the last few years in isolation from the world, it's clear that the invasion of softboards onto every surf break across the globe has been impossible to miss. What's the story here? Has the realm of surfing taken an unexpected turn? And why has every surfer seemingly deemed it necessary to include one in their quiver? Brace yourselves, my friends, because the game has undergone a major transformation. The days of softboards being dismissed as clunky beginner boards and shunned by the surfing community are ancient history. Today, numerous brands are dedicated solely to crafting softboards catering to all skill levels and styles of surfing. They've become so ubiquitous that if you stand on any shoreline, chances are you won't need to squint to spot a soft top. It's become an inescapable reality, so why not embrace it?

Let's dive into the motivations driving the tidal wave of soft surfboards.

Let's Make Surfing Fun Again.

There's an undeniable sense of joy that emanates from those who ride foamies. Their grins are infectious, and their laughter becomes a part of the surf soundtrack. They've figured out how to keep things light and not take everything too seriously. By shifting the focus from the serious side of surfing to the sheer thrill of the experience, something extraordinary has happened. One issue about surfing has been the prevalent tension that often fills the lineup. It's understandable given the crowds and the struggle for waves, but when did things get so uptight? It's as though surfing lost its soul along the way. While the crowds and edginess might persist, it's refreshing to see people embracing boards that celebrate the simple pursuit of catching waves and soaking up the moment. These boards excel even when the conditions aren't ideal (and especially when they are). They deliver a greater wave count and a wider smile. Ride them without fins or just lounge on them.

The manufacturers of softboards are all in on this attitude, infusing their branding with vibrant characters that embody the "let loose and don't take life too seriously" vibe. Among them, Forever Pablo Surfboards resonates this creed with its own take on soft top surfboards. These folks are the embodiment of fun, and their growth over the past few years speaks volumes.

Softboards are Wallet-Friendly.

Without delving into the ethical quagmire of environmental concerns and the significant waste produced by traditional surfboard manufacturing (a conversation worth having another day), the crux of the matter is that foamies come at a much more affordable price point than regular surfboards. And people appreciate that. It doesn't necessarily mean they'll buy ten boards instead of five; it simply means they won't have to empty their bank accounts to get a new board. Moreover, they're tough cookies.

How many times have you parked a brand-new board in the lot, only to watch it take a tumble, or leaned it against something for a moment of admiration, only to see it topple over? But here's the beauty of softboards: they can shrug off bumps and scrapes, endure the chaos of the car ride, and even survive a run-in with another surfer in the water without wearing scars. No need to treat them like fragile art pieces; they're designed to absorb the everyday knocks that surfboards encounter and come out the other side relatively unscathed.

Of course, they're not invincible, and while they can handle blunt impacts, sharp objects are still their nemesis. Because of their resilience and their budget-friendly pricing many folks find themselves more inclined to take risks on a foamie—getting closer to rocks, borrowing a buddy's board, tackling shore break waves that surge right onto the sand—all of which contribute to that aforementioned sense of enjoyment. Even the Pros Are Thrilled.

It's inspiring to see professional surfers wholeheartedly embracing the softboard wave and clearly having a blast doing so. Jamie O'Brien, the maverick behind the softboard movement, has been relishing these boards for years, constantly pushing the boundaries.

You'll witness surfers like Rob Machado and Josh Kerr tearing it up, clearly enjoying themselves in an event that radiates a sense of fun rarely associated with conventional world tour contests. So, why not hop on the Softboard Revolution bandwagon?

These points merely scratch the surface of why surfers are riding the foamie wave. Sometimes, we all need a reminder that surfing is simply that—surfing. So, ride the boards that resonate with you, catch more waves, and relish every single moment.

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